Monday, September 25, 2006

Word Of Mouth Marketing And Advertising

Is Word Of Mouth Marketing And Advertising Good Or Bad For Your B2B Or B2C Business?

That all depends. Most businesses that have been around for years and have top notch customer service, takes care of customer problems when they occur, and places the customer first, probably has an A+ rating with the public. Whereas the business that does not listen and respond to customer complaints, thumbs their nose at the public, and generally takes the customer's money and runs, is likely to be found online in the online forums and blogs being trashed and generally not well spoken of. Both of these businesses are the recipients of word of mouth marketing and advertising.

In an article by Chuck McKay, author of Fishing For Customers, Chuck enlightens the reader into some interesting perspectives on this issue.

Control Over Word-Of-Mouth
Nearly every business person you talk to will tell you that word-of-mouth is his, or her, best advertising. Then someone, (usually a media rep), will point out that word-of-mouth is also the worst form of advertising, because you have absolutely no control over it.

I disagree. You have total control.

The Internet has been a great tool for business to use. But, what many businesses have failed to realize is what the Internet has done for the public. The public has been impowered by the Internet. No, I am not referring to the speed at which a person can search online for the local movie listings and times, or look up or place car ads for free on What I am refering to is the power for the consumer to make a difference using the Internet as their own private marketing tool. It is simple today for any consumer that has a grudge against a company, to start a free blog to tell their story of what is going on. If a consumer has gotten to the point where they feel a story needs to be told, then a company may have lost more than one customer. This company has built, through their lack of good customer service, an everlasting record by this one customer's article, that can now be found in the search engines for a very long time. And guess what? Other consumers will likely read that same article online and go someplace else.

Every business needs to heed this advice. It is much better to approach the customer with the respect they deserve, then to ignore the problems when they occur. Every business will have problems at one time or another. How they deal with customer issues, both the good and bad will be a sign of what kind of company they are. Therefor, it is wise for businesses today to share both the good and the bad in a controlled environment where logical communications can take place.

Chuck states in his article, "So, if you want shoppers to start trusting you; if you want customers to keep trusting you, you need to tell it all, brother. Tell it all. The good, the bad, and what you’ll be doing next."

So, it really comes down to trust. And, I assure you, the consumer will attempt to verify before they trust you.

Above All, Tell It Like It Is, And Do It With Style!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Online Advertising - Why You Should

Pay Per Click Advertising - Reaching The Hard To Reach

First off, the shear numbers of people searching for B2B, Business-to-business, and B2C, Business-to-consumer information, products and services online is growing daily. Suppose your business has a unique product or service and would like to advertise to a targeted community. B2B and B2C online advertising provides the means of targeting a group of individuals that are searching for the exact keywords that you choose to bid on.

Targeted Demographics

Typically many businesses have very targeted demographics that they are going after. For example maybe a company is selling a product to the 18 to 24 years old group. Google offers site targeting. Using some of the tools Google has built into their AdWords program, an advertiser can discover sites that fit the 18 to 24 years old group and are part of the network of websites in which content providers are displaying Ads delivered from Google on their websites. Using some of the information we know about that group we can discover the websites visited on a regular basis. We know that the group is very involved with Social Internet activity. Once some sites are selected as potential candates for advertising on, an advertiser can go into their account at Google and find similar sites to advertise on.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Advertisers Making Marketers Better

In the online advertising world, a pattern is starting to develop. The eclecticism of Online advertising, website branding, and Internet marketing are starting to take on an interesting relationship.

We have heard the term relationship marketing but what about relationship advertising?

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing has typically been representative of a long term marketing approach toward building a longer-term trust relationship with clients, suppliers, media, customers: B2C business-to-consumers, B2B business-to-business clients, and other organizations associated with the company. See define: Relationship marketing

Relationship Advertising

Now, the approach for online advertising could be taking on the same trust relationship and longer-term strategy that has been going on on the marketing side for quite awhile.

Website Advertising

As online advertisements continue to improve; not only on the delivery mechanism such as Google AdWords, but also in the message style and trustworthiness of the advertisements themselves we can see another form of voting taking place. Businesses and individuals can decide to place Online Advertising on their sites through a number of different affiliate marketing or advertising programs. These type of programs can help supplement the website with some income producing means for generating revenue.

One particular affiliate that continues to develop the tools for delivering targeted ads on a website is the Google AdSense program. Under this program a client can place code on the website to have the ads feed be targeted based on the keywords of the site and article itself. An aspect of this program is the ability to stop certain ads from being displayed. My sense is this little tool can be a means for Google to get feedback on what is good and what is not accepted through a simple vote. For example, if enough sites were to simply remove an ad from being displayed on their website then this could be a technology feedback mechanism for establishing quality advertisements.

I believe that most webmasters take pride in their websites and want the best to be reflected in what is served to their readers. While not all business organizations show their websites the respect that a website deserves; many are in fact striving to develop quality International information and understanding of the whole relationship marketing aspect that occurs over time through sound strategic marketing and creative advertising principals.

Online Advertisers Are Internet Marketing Partners

As advertisers themselves take a look at the sheer number of websites that have a following of say even a few hundred readers, or at the other end of the spectrum thousands or hundreds of thousands of readers, the quality ads that are displayed can be an excellent means of expanding their brand reach and brand image. In this case both the advertiser and the marketer are placed in a unique relationship where both the advertiser as well as the key people of a business website are building up a long-term trust relationship where both can profit.

Search Engines

Even search engines, advertisers, marketers, and users are building a trust relationship through online collaboration without even talking to one another. That is, not talking in the tradional forms but through advertisers, marketers, and users are all collaborating with each and every search engine every time a search is conducted, or online Ads are served to the end users, or advertisers selecting to display their Ads using one or more search engines.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

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